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Wednesday, May 10th, 2006
3:02 pm

Us kayaking on the Little Pigeon River. Only Class I and II and one Class three, which was just enough as neither of us had attempted this before.
2:41 pm
Smokey Mountains
So we had a lovely time. Better than last year b/c we had a much better idea of where things were and how to spend our time. We did go kayaking and drove through Cades Cove at just the right time. The weather was good. It rained a lot on Sun. but we were able to see more wildlife and not have to contend with the crowds. The cabin was better too. Larger and more secluded. N grilled all our dinners while I made salads and such. That worked out really well since we could spend the day away and then eat and relax in the hot tub at night. The TV was broken the whole time so we were completely without news of any kind. It turned out well though since we really had to talk and spend quality time together. Even most amazing, N slept and was functional every day. Probably because he spent the days preceding forcing himself to stay awake and probably also b/c of the Lunesta. Still, he is so much more himself and lots more fun when he's awake. We went hiking on a bit of the Appalachia trail and did several of the scenic drives. We also went into Gatlinburg briefly twice. Mostly to go to the cigar store. I even bought two little ones.
There is so much I could write.
Then today we went to Somerset to see N's mom. He'd really like to move to the country but doesn't know how he'd make it work. It seems that most people here have such a connection to the land and to where they grew up. Me, I avoid Seattle. I know it's a great place but I can't abide the thought of going back. I could live in the country though. Listening to the frogs and crickets as dusk fell tonight was great- I smoked the first of my cigars and found it okay.
Today also my dad called. His older brother died. So I am going there for the memorial. I only get one day funeral leave and the rest I had to take vacation for. I just finished my arrangements. Leaving from Louisville @ 0725 to Seattle at 1230 on Thursd. and then flying back on Mon red eye. That sucks b/c I have the PT test on Tues. at 1600 and will have to drive myself home from Louisville. Also I'll have to drive to Couer d' Alene too. Lots of travel. I did find a cheap flight though and my parents will appreciate greatly the fact that one of us kids will make it. A and I were talking and figured it'd been since '98 that we've been there. I always feel like people who grew up in the East or South generally stay so much closer to their relatives. For me it is even hard sometimes that A is here. It is much easier for me to keep everyone at a distance- literally.
Friday, May 5th, 2006
2:40 pm
It was fun. Alias the movie through and through. One tiny part was so bad that it was funny. Let me just say that T. Cruise is caucasian.
The pie was wonderful. My frozen berries from last summer hadn't lost the flavor and the pie gelled beautifully. No juices running out when I cut it.
N and I returned yesterdays shoes and bought some more. Then we did our grocery shopping. I baked the pie while he did his laundry.
So tomorrow off we go.
Thursday, May 4th, 2006
10:07 pm
It is soo early!- someone was laying on their car horn for about 10 minutes around 0900 and I couldn't fall back asleep. I've got things to do today but still. And just now I realized I had some toothpaste on my fingernail after I ran my fingers through my hair. Again, I say it is too early.
[An ant just ran across my keyboard, from to to where I don't know]
Today is the last of my RDO's for this week and then tomorrow starts official vacation time-ten days off, only four of which I had to take.
The weather looks okay but possible rain, and we should be able to go rafting.
Tues. was a typical lazy day. N was developing a cold and so spent all day on the couch. And I spent the afternoon and evening doing much the same.
Yesterday we did some shopping. Then after I got my TB test read I gave blood. I absolutely hate giving blood but I keep going. First, they call frequently if I don't go. They even leave messages about my eligibility and the dire need for any blood. So I partly go just to stop the phone calls and partly out of guilt.
Also, part of me realizes that someday, particularly in my current profession, I or someone I'm close to may very well need blood.
Last time I bruised up pretty bad and it appears that the same will happen this time. Also they stuck too fingers for the initial hemoglobin count because the first one read too low. The women who drew my blood comented on how pretty she thought I was. Nice to hear. Esp. the part about never guessing what I do. I continue to go out of my way to look anything but when I'm off the job.
After going through all that I treated myself to a mani and pedicure. Quite nice. And my nails have a chance since I'm not working for a whole week.
A's b-day is Sat. I'll be gone so I'm baking a pie (sour cream blackberry one of his favs) and taking it over tonight. Plus we are going to watch the sneak of MI3. H gave him a reprieve of not watching with her and of course N wouldn't be interested. I'm not too excited about it but it is JJ Abrams and the buzz is pretty good.
Last night I found the second Pirates trailer on Aintitcool. The trailer is terrific- and that is a movie I can hardly wait for.
So I've got to go buy the tickets. Buy supplies for the demon and the pie and figure out what I'm taking tomorrow. I sort of broke out my summer clothes but can't decide sleeves vs. sleeveless. I still have 6 mists left but I've decided to go pale.
Also N and I made a list of what to take but haven't gone shopping yet. So today is errands and trivialities until tomorrow.
And now I've got to get that toothpaste out of my hair.
Sunday, April 30th, 2006
2:54 pm
Twice today there were injury accident w/ victims trapped. I assisted w/ traffic control on the first but the second occurred as I was entering East and nearly home.
Other than that it was fairly uneventful. I realized that I also like beat three so much more because I'm likely to get dispatched with other officers. I still have to take C&O's (3 today- aHHH) but the Code 5's tend to be more interesting.
Y tambien me gusta hablar, y Cardinal Valley es donde los hispanicos viven.
We had ending like usual near the bars. And I always get so upset seeing how the college kids dress. So slutty, and not at all flattering. I said without thinking, " I never went through the stage of dressing like a whore and going to bars."
Everyone laughed and Sgt said I was in rare form. Really though, I find it upsetting. I guess because I feel like it's women contributing to a poor image of women.
I like to dress nice and N prefers me in dresses and such but it certainly isn't necessary to look so trashy. I was also on edge because I went to the mall today hoping to spend my gift card money from Xmas on vacation clothes. Nothing appealed to me. It was all either brown and yellow or too revealing - shirts with no backs, skirts as short as underwear almost. I must be getting old.
And really none of it is really how prostitutes dress- the real thing has no pretensions of glamor.
Saturday, April 29th, 2006
2:39 pm
Rabid Raccoon
Unfortunately I did not get to respond as I was dealing with back to back 10-45's at the same 20. But there really was a rabid raccoon on the on ramp to New Circle (which is a four lane divided highway and very busy esp. at 1700-1900). Evidently it charged Sgt. and he was forced to strike it w/ his baton. This did not kill it but did maim it. Animal control took over an hour to get there. And at ending Sgt. told us he got a complaint from a woman, weeping on the phone, who was driving by and said that she and her child were very disturbed by the sight.
I missed as well a subject at the Catholic high school who became violent, ripped a tree in half and stripped naked. At that point he was OC'd. He went to E. S.
There was also a D/O on Waller where a plate glass window on the neighboring business was broken.
So beat 1 was crazy but I didn't do any of the fun stuff.
I did go down to Central for lang. assist and that was fun. I was surprised that an off sector unit was needed- but I do like being the necessary one to figure things out.
I ran last night meaning I've just to do a mini workout now.
Friday, April 28th, 2006
10:11 am
Another dr. appt today this one was much shorter and not at all a bother. Afterward instead to succoming to tiredness or laziness I made myself wash my car. It took nearly three hours to do it thoroughly and leisurely. I finally used the scratch remover and my headlights are wonderfully clear.
Before I'd even finished the main wash my neighbor came outside and congradulated me on having the shinniest car in the fleet, particularily the wheels which I hadn't even touched yet. She then confused the hose with a sprinkler. She is very nice but I think perhaps she has a bit of dementia.
I let the demon have the whole afternoon outside as well but he was scared of the hose and spent most of the time hiding under my bed.
I also did all of N's laundry and most of my own. Then I got ready and went to N's and cooked dinner. I made homemade chips and a black bean and salsa side to go with the main dish. It was experimental but we both liked it. I always feel so successful when I've created a new yummy recipe.
All that is left now is to go running, buy my groceries for this work week, and call M&D.
Thursday, April 27th, 2006
3:52 am
Check on it
I finally went to a doctor, just to see. She told me there may be a problem so I have two follow up appts. w/n the next two weeks. I've been beginning to think I was a imagining things and maybe not.
Also, watched "Fun With Dick and Jane" - and it was a little fun but not really worth it.
Yesterday we had breaded chicken with angel hair pasta and homemade sauce- if I come away from this with nothing else at least I'll be a lot better cook.
Wednesday, April 26th, 2006
5:58 am
Start me up
I asked him, "Sam, why I am here. Answer me, what do you have to say for yourself?"
He just sat there staring ahead and finally flatly replied, "The voices are satisfied."
Best excuse yet for a shoplifter. I'm doubting it'll be more than diversion. And I'm awefully glad he didn't kick the windows out of my car.

So, I constantly read my brother's live journal and his friend's page too. Also, I finally bought a computer after a good five years of being disconnected. So I thought I'd try this out. Probably I won't post often but who knows.
In general I am in a good place. I like where I live and I have a good job. I am trying to find a better job but until I do at least I am making money and have a way to spend my days.
I sleep a lot and watch too much late night T.V. (no cable) and spend too much money on clothes but none of those are horrible vices.
I am terribly out of shape and am slowly trying to become healthy again. It is an uphill battle and one I am ony half-heartedly into. May 16th I have a physical test and passing would get me an extra 250$. So that is my motivation.
A typical day: I get up usually two hours before work around 1400. I work for 10 hours and then come home and watch T.V. or do my grocery shopping between 0300 and 0500. Also, I play with my cat. He's great.
The three days of the week that I don't work I just mess around. I cook on those days and try to clean up or find something interesting to do. I read a lot of pulp novels and rent lots of movies.
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