jacksorrel (jacksorrel) wrote,

Rabid Raccoon

Unfortunately I did not get to respond as I was dealing with back to back 10-45's at the same 20. But there really was a rabid raccoon on the on ramp to New Circle (which is a four lane divided highway and very busy esp. at 1700-1900). Evidently it charged Sgt. and he was forced to strike it w/ his baton. This did not kill it but did maim it. Animal control took over an hour to get there. And at ending Sgt. told us he got a complaint from a woman, weeping on the phone, who was driving by and said that she and her child were very disturbed by the sight.
I missed as well a subject at the Catholic high school who became violent, ripped a tree in half and stripped naked. At that point he was OC'd. He went to E. S.
There was also a D/O on Waller where a plate glass window on the neighboring business was broken.
So beat 1 was crazy but I didn't do any of the fun stuff.
I did go down to Central for lang. assist and that was fun. I was surprised that an off sector unit was needed- but I do like being the necessary one to figure things out.
I ran last night meaning I've just to do a mini workout now.
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