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Twice today there were injury accident w/ victims trapped. I assisted w/ traffic control on the first but the second occurred as I was entering East and nearly home.
Other than that it was fairly uneventful. I realized that I also like beat three so much more because I'm likely to get dispatched with other officers. I still have to take C&O's (3 today- aHHH) but the Code 5's tend to be more interesting.
Y tambien me gusta hablar, y Cardinal Valley es donde los hispanicos viven.
We had ending like usual near the bars. And I always get so upset seeing how the college kids dress. So slutty, and not at all flattering. I said without thinking, " I never went through the stage of dressing like a whore and going to bars."
Everyone laughed and Sgt said I was in rare form. Really though, I find it upsetting. I guess because I feel like it's women contributing to a poor image of women.
I like to dress nice and N prefers me in dresses and such but it certainly isn't necessary to look so trashy. I was also on edge because I went to the mall today hoping to spend my gift card money from Xmas on vacation clothes. Nothing appealed to me. It was all either brown and yellow or too revealing - shirts with no backs, skirts as short as underwear almost. I must be getting old.
And really none of it is really how prostitutes dress- the real thing has no pretensions of glamor.
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