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It is soo early!- someone was laying on their car horn for about 10 minutes around 0900 and I couldn't fall back asleep. I've got things to do today but still. And just now I realized I had some toothpaste on my fingernail after I ran my fingers through my hair. Again, I say it is too early.
[An ant just ran across my keyboard, from to to where I don't know]
Today is the last of my RDO's for this week and then tomorrow starts official vacation time-ten days off, only four of which I had to take.
The weather looks okay but possible rain, and we should be able to go rafting.
Tues. was a typical lazy day. N was developing a cold and so spent all day on the couch. And I spent the afternoon and evening doing much the same.
Yesterday we did some shopping. Then after I got my TB test read I gave blood. I absolutely hate giving blood but I keep going. First, they call frequently if I don't go. They even leave messages about my eligibility and the dire need for any blood. So I partly go just to stop the phone calls and partly out of guilt.
Also, part of me realizes that someday, particularly in my current profession, I or someone I'm close to may very well need blood.
Last time I bruised up pretty bad and it appears that the same will happen this time. Also they stuck too fingers for the initial hemoglobin count because the first one read too low. The women who drew my blood comented on how pretty she thought I was. Nice to hear. Esp. the part about never guessing what I do. I continue to go out of my way to look anything but when I'm off the job.
After going through all that I treated myself to a mani and pedicure. Quite nice. And my nails have a chance since I'm not working for a whole week.
A's b-day is Sat. I'll be gone so I'm baking a pie (sour cream blackberry one of his favs) and taking it over tonight. Plus we are going to watch the sneak of MI3. H gave him a reprieve of not watching with her and of course N wouldn't be interested. I'm not too excited about it but it is JJ Abrams and the buzz is pretty good.
Last night I found the second Pirates trailer on Aintitcool. The trailer is terrific- and that is a movie I can hardly wait for.
So I've got to go buy the tickets. Buy supplies for the demon and the pie and figure out what I'm taking tomorrow. I sort of broke out my summer clothes but can't decide sleeves vs. sleeveless. I still have 6 mists left but I've decided to go pale.
Also N and I made a list of what to take but haven't gone shopping yet. So today is errands and trivialities until tomorrow.
And now I've got to get that toothpaste out of my hair.
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