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Smokey Mountains

So we had a lovely time. Better than last year b/c we had a much better idea of where things were and how to spend our time. We did go kayaking and drove through Cades Cove at just the right time. The weather was good. It rained a lot on Sun. but we were able to see more wildlife and not have to contend with the crowds. The cabin was better too. Larger and more secluded. N grilled all our dinners while I made salads and such. That worked out really well since we could spend the day away and then eat and relax in the hot tub at night. The TV was broken the whole time so we were completely without news of any kind. It turned out well though since we really had to talk and spend quality time together. Even most amazing, N slept and was functional every day. Probably because he spent the days preceding forcing himself to stay awake and probably also b/c of the Lunesta. Still, he is so much more himself and lots more fun when he's awake. We went hiking on a bit of the Appalachia trail and did several of the scenic drives. We also went into Gatlinburg briefly twice. Mostly to go to the cigar store. I even bought two little ones.
There is so much I could write.
Then today we went to Somerset to see N's mom. He'd really like to move to the country but doesn't know how he'd make it work. It seems that most people here have such a connection to the land and to where they grew up. Me, I avoid Seattle. I know it's a great place but I can't abide the thought of going back. I could live in the country though. Listening to the frogs and crickets as dusk fell tonight was great- I smoked the first of my cigars and found it okay.
Today also my dad called. His older brother died. So I am going there for the memorial. I only get one day funeral leave and the rest I had to take vacation for. I just finished my arrangements. Leaving from Louisville @ 0725 to Seattle at 1230 on Thursd. and then flying back on Mon red eye. That sucks b/c I have the PT test on Tues. at 1600 and will have to drive myself home from Louisville. Also I'll have to drive to Couer d' Alene too. Lots of travel. I did find a cheap flight though and my parents will appreciate greatly the fact that one of us kids will make it. A and I were talking and figured it'd been since '98 that we've been there. I always feel like people who grew up in the East or South generally stay so much closer to their relatives. For me it is even hard sometimes that A is here. It is much easier for me to keep everyone at a distance- literally.
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