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Start me up

I asked him, "Sam, why I am here. Answer me, what do you have to say for yourself?"
He just sat there staring ahead and finally flatly replied, "The voices are satisfied."
Best excuse yet for a shoplifter. I'm doubting it'll be more than diversion. And I'm awefully glad he didn't kick the windows out of my car.

So, I constantly read my brother's live journal and his friend's page too. Also, I finally bought a computer after a good five years of being disconnected. So I thought I'd try this out. Probably I won't post often but who knows.
In general I am in a good place. I like where I live and I have a good job. I am trying to find a better job but until I do at least I am making money and have a way to spend my days.
I sleep a lot and watch too much late night T.V. (no cable) and spend too much money on clothes but none of those are horrible vices.
I am terribly out of shape and am slowly trying to become healthy again. It is an uphill battle and one I am ony half-heartedly into. May 16th I have a physical test and passing would get me an extra 250$. So that is my motivation.
A typical day: I get up usually two hours before work around 1400. I work for 10 hours and then come home and watch T.V. or do my grocery shopping between 0300 and 0500. Also, I play with my cat. He's great.
The three days of the week that I don't work I just mess around. I cook on those days and try to clean up or find something interesting to do. I read a lot of pulp novels and rent lots of movies.
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