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Another dr. appt today this one was much shorter and not at all a bother. Afterward instead to succoming to tiredness or laziness I made myself wash my car. It took nearly three hours to do it thoroughly and leisurely. I finally used the scratch remover and my headlights are wonderfully clear.
Before I'd even finished the main wash my neighbor came outside and congradulated me on having the shinniest car in the fleet, particularily the wheels which I hadn't even touched yet. She then confused the hose with a sprinkler. She is very nice but I think perhaps she has a bit of dementia.
I let the demon have the whole afternoon outside as well but he was scared of the hose and spent most of the time hiding under my bed.
I also did all of N's laundry and most of my own. Then I got ready and went to N's and cooked dinner. I made homemade chips and a black bean and salsa side to go with the main dish. It was experimental but we both liked it. I always feel so successful when I've created a new yummy recipe.
All that is left now is to go running, buy my groceries for this work week, and call M&D.
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